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The purpose of CCL today is the same as it was when the organization was founded in 1983: To promote Catholic Lesbian visibility and community.

We accomplish this three different ways:

  • by providing the opportunity to participate in a virtual community via the web. Members can speak to one another and exchange views and ideas via the Guestbook. We also encourage our membership to write for this site: articles, poetry, prayers, liturgies and artwork are welcome! Please share your passionate beliefs, doubts, frustrations, rage and joy with us all – email us!
  • by providing a clearinghouse of resources for Catholic Lesbians. This includes archive material, pastoral resources, and groups that are open to or welcome our participation.
  • by providing a listing of events, meetings, retreats and conferences where you can meet and interact with other Catholic Lesbians.

CCL Today | Origin and Past | CCL Welcome Address

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